Training and CPD

Sound Therapy Training

The Therapeutic Sound Association is open to schools, tutors and presenters who offer workshops or practitioner training in sound therapy, as well as qualified and trainee practitioners.

If you offer training and want to join the Association, download and complete whichever application form applies and send with documents and subscription fee.

If interested in becoming a sound therapist, check our register to find out further details about member schools and tutors.


All therapists on the TSA’s Register are obliged to maintain a programme of continuing professional development (CPD) in order to meet the requirements of annual membership which is 8 hours of anything that furthers your business. 1 hour = 1 point

CPD is an integral element of a therapist’s professional development and commitment to best practice.

Our CPD guidelines include a range of suggested activities, including attending a seminar or conference, or taking courses in areas of special interest relevant to your work.

You could also write a book review or submit an article for publication.

CPD activities also include presenting a talk or workshop as well as completing further certified training.

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